Harkness Screens

Harkness Cinema Screens are the world’s largest manufacturer of projection screen surfaces for both 2D and 3D cinemas. They employ a range of cutting-edge manufacturing processes to provide a unique product that improves light reflection and enhances the viewer experience.

Harkness approached Soluis with an idea to develop a series of innovative apps that both their sales and technical teams could use to track customer screen data while improving on the benefits of their light reflection technology, demonstrated in a compact and compelling app.

I worked alongside the developers at Soluis to design the interface of the Harkness app series.

The app allows a virtual cinema to be modelled automatically by inputting a series of design variables to suit almost any standard configuration of auditorium. The user can select any seat within the environment and based on the type of projector and configurations, an accurate display of the critical light readings is displayed across the screen in the model.

Launched at CinemaCon in Las Vegas April 2013, the apps have received widespread acclaim and have put Harkness at an advantage in their customer engagement activities and relations.

In collaboration with Soluis